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Haitian HTF120X

Clamping force: 120 t
Year: 2007
Shot capacity: 195 g

Screw diameter:40 mm
Injection pressure:1600 bar
Injection volume:214 ccm
Shot capacity:195 g
Moc silnika pompy:13 kW
Moc opasek grzejnych cylindra:9,3 kW
Clamping Unit: 120/...
Clamping force:120 t
Distance between tie bars:410 x 410 mm
Opening storke:350 mm
General information:
Delivery time:Natychmiast
Weight:4000 kg
Machine dimensions(m) LxWxH:4,92 x 1,33 x 1,95 m

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Haitian HTF120X

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