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Battenfeld MacroPower 400/2250

Clamping force: 400 t
Year: 2018
Shot capacity: 980 g
Control: UNILOG B8

Injection Unit: .../2250
Screw diameter:65 mm
Injection pressure:2070 bar
Injection volume:1078 ccm
Shot capacity:980 g
LS/D ratio:22
Clamping Unit: 400/...
Clamping force:400 t
Mould height:400...850 mm
Opening storke:1050 mm
Max.Daylight:1900 mm


  • Servomotor
  • Restricted access area
  • Conveyor belt
  • Robot W832 / Z: 2500 Y: 1600 X:500
  • 2 x pneumatic valve on the fixed plate
  • 2 x pneumatic valve on the moving plate
  • 2 x hydraulic core on the fixed plate
  • 2 x hydraulic core on the moving plate
  • Operating hours counter: 14,200 working hours

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Battenfeld MacroPower 400/2250

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